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ISO 45001 - Why Wouldn't You?

Posted by Oliver Kelly on
ISO 45001 - Why Wouldn't You?

It is quite common for business owners to think and say that safety is an important part of running their business.  After all, nobody REALLY WANTS to hurt a member of their staff or deal with the fallout of a serious injury in the workplace.  In fact everyone would LOVE to say that they treat safety as paramount and that it is woven into their profits.

Well - many people don't actually realise that having a safe system of work is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT.  Yes - written in law.  So this means that just saying it on capability statements and having a few old risk assessment sheets won't cut the mustard.  It is a real time, ongoing search for improvement in safe operations.

Sounds like a lot of fuss?  Well for good reason.  By safely managing your business not only are you being a good corporate citizen who cares but you're also likely avoiding the real risk of fine or prison time (Not everyone in prison is friendly - See post on industrial manslaughter).

SO here's how we make it easy.  We put in place an internationally recognised benchmark of OHS management - ISO 45001:2018 - which gives you the tools you need to easily communicate safety with your people and manage your risks.

Here is a handy infographic that we put together to back up the above reasoning.


We're here to help - call us or email for any further information on putting an ISO 45001 system in place.

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