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Case Study

 Our client is an internationally recognised business.  
One of their business units was implementing a new HSE strategy including a mandate to take safety 'Beyond just compliance with rules and regulations'.  In doing this they were seeking to foster a more open, innovative and collaborative working environment, where safety is led from the ground up.
i40 was engaged to deliver our SpiceRack communication program to front line supervisors and leading hands.  A series of workshops were delivered at sites across Australia with key ROI data set and interrogated at both ends of the program.  
A notable reduction in incidents of various severity was observed alongside a positive turn in site relationships and efficiencies leading to the overall shift from 'lagging' to 'leading'.

"The guys are starting to think about what improvements can be made in their daily activities to provide more efficiency and greater safety" - 
Site Supervisor 
"I am more aware of how my actions and verbal responses will impact my audience" - Site Supervisor 
"Since my training, the contractor company working on our project has participated in several discussions of mutual benefit."  - Site Supervisor 

"Supervisors are now actively looking to get the crew engaged by using different tools and changing things up to stop monotony." - Superintendent

Human communication skills are nothing new.  But they are a key to the future.  The World Economic Forum has identified 'human skills' as one of the top 9 skills for the coming years within the context of our changing industries.

The SpiceRack Method Program is a customised syllabus which focuses on reducing friction within your workforce by thinking about how we think.  Created by Human Communication specialist and i40 Managing Consultant Oliver Kelly, the programme aids leaders and organisations in improving their operations one conversation at a time. 


The approach of The SpiceRack Method™ can be applied to:

- Frontline Leadership (Construction, resources, transport and logistics)

- WOHS and other compliance teams

- Executives and key influencers

- Anyone within your organisation that wishes to develop new-world personal communication skills to achieve better results

Based on a blend of business and psychosocial principles and individually tailored to the strengths of your team, this unique program will improve your workforce relationships, collaborative approaches, receptivity of message and, in a safety context, incident rate.

To find out how the The SpiceRack Method™ program can transform your business contact i40 on 1300 155 605 or