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Dirty Boots and Decisions

Posted by Oliver Kelly on
Dirty Boots and Decisions

We invented the SpiceRack Method because a large focus of the future workplace is in helping people communicate better.  It's no longer fluff or 'soft'.  Its good business.  

Here's the text from a post that our Principal placed on LinkedIn earlier this year which notched up dozens of thousands of view in the first 48 hours.  It struck a chord with many people in the working world.

Remember, we need hierarchy but everyone in your organisation has a brain in their head - the most complex functioning thing in the known universe.  Just imagine if you could unlock the potential of each one.....

The original post ca be found here: 

"Dirty boots and decisions.

Australia has some of the most remote heavy industry in the world with workforces hundreds if not thousands of kilometers from head office.

Head office is called that for a reason. It’s the head that plans, schedules, budgets, ensures systematic compliance and performs many more important tasks. It all starts there.

But on the ground are the dirty boots. The doers, the ‘make it happen’ boys and girls who are in the trenches driving business forward every day in often hostile environments. Dynamic is their middle name. If the boots aren’t upright, the head is lying on the ground.

Those out of sight boots are often filled by tech geniuses, machinery artists, poets, mathematicians, investors, comedians, writers, social commentators, inventors, scientists, carers, musicians. Even the ‘unskilled’ are skilled in their own ways. There is a mass of talent out there and if tapped into in the right ways, the value realization can be huge. So let’s consider new ways to involve them in the bigger picture. To canvass their ideas and be heard. Because dirty boots being involved in decisions may in fact be a fundamental to your company’s success."

You can find out more about the SpiceRack Method here or by reaching us at

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