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INFOGRAPHIC - The Journey to ISO Implementation

Posted by Oliver Kelly on
INFOGRAPHIC - The Journey to ISO Implementation

We visited a client on Thursday Morning.  They had a Swanky premises, a high end service line, polished equipment and wonderful people.  These guys have got it together.

We were talking about their quality management system project when the CEO asked "How does the certification process actually work?"

This floored us.  He was a very experienced person with long industry experience.  We wrongly assumed that he would have seen the process before.  A great lesson to assume nothing.

This CEO is not alone. Many businesses know that bringing in an ISO management system will take their business to the next level but don't always understand how they actually get there.  How it all fits together.

So, to cut to the chase, we put together a handy infographic to step the process out if you are using a consultant to put your ISO system in place.  Enjoy!

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